• Delphi - Multi-round surveys of experts where anonymous feedback on the groups' responses and on reasoning is provided to the experts after each round.
  • Delphi software user guide - in the form of PowerPoint slides with voiceover intrstructions originally developed to instruct participants in an experiment.
  • For evidence on the use of Delphi under various conditions, see "Comparing face-to-face meetings, nominal groups, Delphi and prediction markets on an estimation task".
  • Econometric Models:
    • Econometrics Journal provides links to around 150 programs, some of which are free, and links to relatedt sites which evaluate software.
    • The FairModel Site provides econometric models that can be used to make several analyses of policies.
  • Forecast Package for R provides tools to forecast using time-series data in Language R for Windows. It contains:
    • 24 exponential methods (smoothing in the state space modeling framework) from Hyndman, Koehler, Snyder and Grose, International Journal of Forecasting, 2002, 18, 439-454).
    • automatic selection of model ARIMA
    • graphical methods to show time series
    • sets of data from Makridakis, Wheelwright and Hyndman (1998), Forecasting: methods and applications, Wiley & Sons: New York. See review.
  • Regressit is a free Excel add-in for regression and multivariate analysis.
    • Developed by Bob Nau (Duke) and John Butler (U. Texas)
    • Appropriate for professional practice as complement to or substitute for other regression software
    • Multivariate descriptive data analysis and linear regression
    • Features support transformations and good modeling practices
    • Detailed statistics, and presentation quality plots, tables, and charts.
  • ESCI ("ESS-key", Exploratory Software for Confidence Intervals
    • ESCI is a free download from and accompanies the book Understanding The New Statistics (Routledge, 2012), by Geoff Cumming.
    • ESCI runs under Microsoft Excel, on Windows or Mac. ESCI provides interactive simulations designed to help understanding of sampling, confidence intervals, estimation, replication, and meta-analysis. It also calculates and graphs confidence intervals for a useful range of measures and designs.
  • PEERForecaster Add-in for Excel: A univariate time series forecasting package.
    • An implementation of the state-space models from Hyndman, Koehler, Snyder and Grose, International Journal of Forecasting, 2002, 18, 439-454.
    • Include all the well-known techniques from simple smoothing, Holt trending, Holt-Winters seasonal models, and damped trend exponential smoothing models to the Box Jenkins ARIMA models.
    • Would be useful to practitioners for benchmarking and validating comparable models found in expensive demand planning systems.
    • The algorithms and model interpretations are documented in Levenbach and Cleary (2005) Forecasting: Practice and Process for Demand Management, Cengage Publishers.
  • Gardner's spreadsheet for damped trend exponential smoothing. For a discussion on the method, see Gardner and McKenzie's (2009) "Why the damped trend works".
  • Seasonal factors damping software (Excel spreadsheets) used for implementing the methods described in Miller and Williams' (20032004International Journal of Forecasting papers are available for:

Commercial Programs

The Commercial Software Programs listed are PC-compatible, unless noted otherwise. Software providers are welcome to incorporate their software in this list. The brief descriptions were provided by the developers. The fact that programs are listed does not imply that they are endorsed by All links leads to other sites.

Software Programs That Use Forecasting Principles

  • Tashman-Hoover Assessment of Software Programs - Tables (PDF - published with the permission of Kluwer Academic Publishers) - Corrections to Table 7 (PDF)
  • Armstrong's (2001) Assessment of the use of forecasting principles in commercial software..

Surveys of Software Programs (Characteristics)

  • Jack Yurkiewicz, "Forecasting at Steady State?", June 2008 - OR/MS Today website.
  • Robert S. Rycroft, "Microcomputer Software of Interest to Forecasters in Comparative Review: Updated Again" [PDF 145KB]

Published Reviews of Software Programs

  • Autobox 6.0 reviewed in ORMS Today by Jesus Flores-Cerrillo, "State-of-the-art software for automatic time series analysis" pp. 64-69. (Posted February 2010)
  • Journal and magazine reviews compiled by Len Tashman , of the Institute for Forecasting Education
  • The Forecasting Report: A Comparative Review of Commercial Forecasting Systems, 1999, by Dr.Ulrich Küsters and Michael Bell. [PDF 236KB]
  • Bruce D. McCullough (2006), "The Unreliability of Excel's Statistical Procedures," Foresight, Issue 3, February, 44-45.