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The textbooks are grouped as:

General or wide coverage
Finance, and
Time series extrapolation.

See also, Books Available Online in Full-Text.

General or wide coverage

  • Armstrong, J. Scott, ed. (2001), Principles of Forecasting. The book is designed to summarize principles [reviews].

  • Bails, D.G. & L.C. Peppers (1997), Business Fluctuations: Forecasting Techniques & Applications. [Available on, with editorial review]

  • DeLurgio, Stephen A., Jr. (1998), Forecasting Principles and Applications. New York: Irwin/McGraw-Hill. [Available on, with editorial and customer reviews]. See also, DeLurgio's Resources for Forecasting Principles and Applications.

  • Diebold, F.X. (2001), Elements of Forecasting, 2nd ed. Cincinnati: Southwestern College Publishing. For another description, see Diebold's page. See review of 1st edition. [Available on, with editorial and customer reviews].

  • Goodwin, P. (2018), Forewarned: A sceptic's guide to prediction. Biteback. [review]

  • Hanke, J. & A. Reitsch (1998), Business Forecasting. Prentice Hall Press. [Available on with editorial reviews]

  • Hyndman, R. J. & G. Athanasopoulos (2013), Forecasting: Principles and Practice. [Available free online].

  • Levenbach, Hans & James P. Cleary (2005), Forecasting: Practice and Process for Demand Management, Belmont, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole. [Available on and].   

  • Makridakis S., S. Wheelwright, & R. Hyndman (1997), Forecasting: Methods and Applications, J. Wiley & Sons. See review. [Available on, with editorial and customer reviews]. See also the home page for Forecasting: Methods and Applications with data sets available.

  • Mentzer, J. & C. Bienstock (1998), Sales Forecasting Management. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Pub. [Available on, with customer reviews]. Mentzer, J. & C. Bienstock (1998), Sales Forecasting Management. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Pub. [Available on, with customer reviews].

  • Ord, J. K. & R. Fildes (2012), Principles of Business Forecasting. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning. [Available from, with customer reviews].
  • Wilson, J. H., B. Keating, & John Galt Solutions, Inc. (2002), Business Forecasting, 4th ed., Boston: McGraw Hill.[Wilson, J.H. & B. Keating (1998), Business Forecasting. New York: Richard Irwin, available on, with editorial and customer reviews].



Time series extrapolation

  • Brockwell, Peter J. & Richard A. Davis (1996), Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting. See review. [Available on, with editorial and customer reviews]

  • Chatfield, C. (2000), Time-Series Forecasting, Chapman and Hall/CRC Press. See review. [Available on, with editorial reviews]

  • Franses, Philip Hans (1998), Time Series Models for Business and Economic Forecasting. Cambridge University Press. [Available on with customer reviews]

  • Gaynor, P. E. & R.C. Kirkpatrick, Introduction to Time-Series Modeling and Forecasting in Business and Economics. New York: McGraw Hill. [Available on ]

  • Lewis, Colin (1998), Demand Forecasting and Inventory Control : A Computer Aided Learning Approach . John Wiley & Sons. [Available on with editorial reviews]

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