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Comments and Reviews

Comments and reviews provided by distinguished scholars or published in journals and on websites are provided here. To date, 27 journals and web sites have reviewed the book.

Description of Contents

Published in 2001, Principles of Forecasting summarizes knowledge from experts and empirical studies. The resulting evidence-based principles can be applied in fields such as economics, sociology, and psychology. It applies to problems such as those in finance (How much is this company worth?), marketing (Will a new product be successful?), personnel (How can we identify the best job candidates?), and production (What level of inventories should be kept?).

Publisher's Summary
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  • Contents, titles and authors of the 30 papers, plus supporting materials

Information about Authors and Reviewers

  • Authors and Reviewers –Bios and web sites for the 40 authors, as well as contact information on 122 reviewers

Supporting Materials

Corrections to the Handbook

  • Section 4 - Expert Opinions: "Improving Reliability of Judgmental Forecasts," Thomas R. Stewart, 81-106 - Corrections (PDF)
  • Section 8 - Extrapolation: Page 224 of "Extrapolation of Time Series and Cross-Sectional Data": Replace last two sentences of second paragraph with: "The ratio-to-moving average is commonly used, although Ittig (1997) found that when a trend is present, the seasonal factors contain a systematic error. While this research looks promising, to date there is little evidence on whether this is important for real data or whether alternative procedures will yield improvements upon the ratio-to-moving average method."
    • Section 12 - Selecting Methods: p. 383, Armstrong (2001b) should read "Role playing: A method to forecast decisions" in J. S. Armstrong, Principles of Forecasting ...
    • Section 19 - Diffusion of Principles: "Diffusion of Forecasting Principles: An Assessment of Forecasting Software Programs," Leonard J. Tashman and Jim Hoover, 651-676 - Corrections to Table 7 (PDF)
    • Dictionary - New and revised definitions for: Case-based reasoning, Game theory, Role playing, Simulated interaction, Stigler's Law, and Structured analogies.(July 23, 2002)